Specialist in specialty dairy


We are innovators in a fast changing food industry

At Holland Premium Dairy, we’re very aware of the increase in the global demand for different milks, specifically dairy products.

The days of anonymous milk are behind us. People are better informed about what they eat and drink and are looking for alternatives to suit their lifestyle. They want products that serve their specific needs and are willing to pay a premium for them, especially when it comes to dairy products.

Over the last decade, the milk market has successfully launched free range milk, organic milk and goats milk as alternatives to meet this demand.

Since 2014, Holland Jersey Milk has added Jersey Milk and A2 Milk to this premium products category, using milk from both Jersey and Holstein Friesian cows.

Another trend we’ve noticed is that more people want to drink nutrient-rich milk. This is milk with a higher content of vitamins and minerals such as  Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamin D3 and E. We are therefore going out of our way to make milks that are as nutrient dense as they are delicious.

Together with our farmers, we do a lot of reseach on feeding for our cows and include cooperation with our farmers. We use different feeding patterns.