Dairy done differently

We do dairy differently. So it figures that our milk comes from a different sort of cow. Cows with toffee coloured faces, soft white noses and huge brown eyes. The cows come originally from the Island of Jersey, off the south coast of England. They are intelligent, curious and quite strong minded. Jersey milk naturally contains more protein, more fat, vitamins and minerals than regular milk. This richness gives Jersey milk a wonderfully full and creamy flavour. Perfect to enjoy as it is or to froth up for your cappuccino or latte but also for producing unique milk powder, cheese, and butter.

Why is our Jersey milk unique?

  • High fat and protein content
  • Contains more vitamins, minerals and omega-3
  • Low ecological footprint
  • Meadow milk
  • Processing raw milk into a consumer ready product in close cooperation with our partners
  • 100% natural Jersey milk from pure bred cows
  • Foams perfect for cappuccino
  • Perfect for barista’s
Fat6,0 g
Proteïn4,2 g
Milk typeJersey A2 milk*
SustainabilityLow ecological footprint – 30% less nutrition and methane output than average

* with the exception of our long life milk, milk powder and butter

What we deliver


Raw milkTank truck/ IBC
ButterFoil/ cases
Long life milkCarton
Long life yoghurtCarton/ cup
Long life chocolate milkCarton
Fresh milkCarton
Fresh yoghurtCarton/ cup
Milk powderTin/ sachet/ bag/ bigbag


Long life milkCarton
Milk powderTin/ sachet/ bag/ bigbag



Jersey milk powder

We also have Jersey milk powder in our assortment. We have full cream Jersey milk powder and skimmed Jersey milk powder.

Full cream Jersey milk powder

  • Full cream milk powder naturally contains more fat, omega-3, protein, vitamin B2 and vitamin C.
  • Very creamy to drink and to use in your recipes.
  • Cow with a low ecological footprint.


Comparison full cream milk powderRegular full cream milk powderJersey full cream milk powder
Fat28,4 g37,1 g
Protein23,9 g26 g
Vitamin B21,3 mg1,33 mg
Vitamin C0 mg6,01 mg
Omega 3 fatty acids0,2 g0,26 g
SourceNEVOEurofins research



Skimmed Jersey milk powder

  • Jersey SMP is naturally high in protein, which is perfect for target groups like elderly people and/ or sporters.
  • Jersey SMP naturally contains more vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphor and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Cow with a low ecological footprint.
Comparison skimmed milk powderRegular skimmed milk powderJersey milk powder
Omega 3 fatty acids0 %0,8 %
Calcium1.200 mg1.400 mg
Protein36 g42 g
Phosphor900 mg1.100 mg
Vitamin B21,8 mg2,28 mg
Vitamin C0 mg13 mg
SourceNEVOEurofins research