Experience the difference

Originally, all authentic cow breeds only produced A2 beta-casein protein. Natural genetic mutation and other farming practices caused cows to produce a combination of both A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins, and these can still be found in almost all current
conventional milk.

Lots of consumers around the world have a poor tolerance for dairy. A2 milk and A2 dairy products can help, as they are generally easier to digest*.
Holland Premium Dairy is frontrunner in Europe with A2 milk and delivers 100% raw A2 milk to the industry.

*A2 dairy products are not effective in the case of a medical diagnosis for cow milk allergy.

What is A2 milk?

To explain A2 milk, we’ll have to get a bit scientific. Cow’s milk contains many different proteins such as whey and beta casein. There are two kinds of beta casein: A1 and A2. As a cow, your milk either contains the one, the other or both proteins. It’s genetically defined which proteins a cow carries. When you drink A1 milk, BCM-7 is being released, and that is the trouble maker. Lots of people with a lactose intolerance have trouble processing BCM-7. A2 milk does not release BCM-7. Therefore, people drinking A2 milk often have a lot less problems with digestion.

Why is our A2 milk unique?

  • 100% European A2 milk
  • Specialized A2 farms
  • 100% DNA tested cows
  • Highest quality milk ready for infant milk industry
  • A2 Certified
  • Fully protocolized production
  • Produced on energy compensating farms
BreedHolstein breed
Fat3,8 g
Proteïn3,5 g
Milk typeA2 milk
SustainabilityBiogas, windmills, solar panels and pallets of compost

What we deliver

Raw milkTank truck/ IBC
ButterFoil/ cases
Long life milkCarton
Long life yoghurtCarton/ cup
Long life chocolate milkCarton
Fresh milkCarton
Fresh yoghurtCarton/ cup
Milk powderTin/ sachet/ bag/ bigbag


Long life milkCarton
Milk powderTin/ sachet/ bag/ bigbag