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The Jersey cow is one of a kind. Thanks to over two hundred years of protective measures on the Chanel Island of Jersey, this strong breed is still close to its primordial species.

So it’s no wonder that Jersey herds have been getting more and more attention over the last few years. They have grown to be a big success in Australia and New Zeeland, and are starting to gain ground in Latin America and Africa too.

The Jersey Cow

Jersey cows are extremely efficient and do well in almost all conditions. They can handle heat and cold and do not need any food supplements. The cows have a long economic life, due to their sturdy legs, hard-pigmented hooves and a strong immune system. A big economic advantage is that a Jersey needs 30% less feed than other breeds.

Jersey cows are suitable for production on fresh grass and deliver a high quality milk. While they produce less milk than Holstein Friesians, the fat and protein content of Jersey is much better. Full fat milk averages 6,5% fat and 4,2 grams of protein.


Holland Jersey Food Company is always looking for dairy farmers who already milk Jersey cows or who are willing to switch to Jerseys to come and work with us. So if you are interested, please let us know.

The unique properties of Jersey milk gives us the possibility to create extra value which means we can guarantee a good milk price for you. Holland Jersey Food Company will also help organise your transport through the certified and specialised milk chauffeurs we use with our partner, Farmel.



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