Do you also have A2 milk?

All milk from Holland Jersey is A2 milk.

Here comes the science bit:

Milk from a cow contains two proteins: whey and casein.

There are three different types of casein: alpha, kappa and beta.

Beta-casein has two varieties: A1 and A2.

As a cow you either have one, the other or both.

The A1 and A2 proteins are in cows’ genes, so their milk contains either the one, the other or both.

Cows who have the A1 protein release BCM-7 into their milk.

BCM-7 is an oxidant which is believed to have a negative influence on your digestion amongst other things. While lots of research is being done to understand the effect of BCM-7 on heart and vascular diseases, as yet, a direct link between your health and BCM-7 has not been proved.

But you don’t have to worry about A1 at all if you’re drinking our milk or eating our yoghurt.

Since all Holland Jersey cows only have the A2 gene, all our milk is A2 milk and all our products are made with A2 milk.